James G. Matlock, Ph.D.
Research Fellow
Parapsychology Foundation

I received a B.A. in English from Emory University in 1977 and a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Southern Illinois at Carbondale in 2002. I have worked at the American Society for Psychical Research in New York City and at the Rhine Research Center in Durham, North Carolina. I am presently a Research Fellow at the Parapsychology Foundation. My chief research interests are the history of parapsychology, anthropology of religion, and reincarnation. I teach a 15-week online seminar course on reincarnation research and theory.  

I Saw cover

I Saw a Light and Came Here: Children’s Experiences of Reincarnation, co-authored with Erlendur Haraldsson, is available from Amazon.com. The first two thirds of the book is by Erlendur. He describes cases of children who remember previous lives, mostly in Sri Lanka and Lebanon, and other survival phenomena, such as apparitions and mediumship, that he has investigated over the years. In the last third of the book, I bring in cross-cultural data, new cases and analysis, and thoughts on the meaning of it all. 

Introduction to Reincarnation Studies

Memories of Previous Lives 

Signs of Reincarnation 

Research on Reincarnation Experiences

The Cross-Cultural Perspective

Ian Stevenson at work, 1995

Ian Stevenson at work at the University of Virginia, Nov. 2, 1995.
Photo courtesy Dr. K. S. Rawat.

Signs of Reincarnation on Facebook

If you’re on Facebook, join my Signs of Reincarnation group for discussion of reincarnation experiences, research and theory.

My Facebook posts are reproduced in my blog on this site. The older ones may have some revisions. Space is provided to continue the discussion here.

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