The Major Signs of Reincarnation

This site, my Facebook group and my online course are all called Signs of Reincarnation. Why is that? What does the name mean?

By Signs of Reincarnation I mean to signal that I will be talking about the evidence for reincarnation, most of which comes from people’s spontaneous memories of previous lives. That evidence in turn has everything to do with a set of recurring signs, which can be grouped into three or four major classes:

(1) Imaged memories and their associated statements and recognitions of people, places or things related to the life recalled;

(2) Behaviors consistent with the previous person, including personality patterns and skills, including sometimes language skills, and also emotional carryovers, such as phobias relating to the way the previous person died;

(3) Physical signs such as birthmarks commemorating death wounds, but also things like stature, facial characteristics, even internal diseases and birth defects; and

(4) Phenomena relating to the period between lives, the intermission, such as dreams of pregnant woman in which a spirit seems to announce its intention to be reborn to her (announcing dreams), pregnancy cravings relating to the food preferences of the person whose life the child will recall later, children’s memories of choosing their parents, etc.

All of these things turn up again and again in cases that have been well documented and in which the previous person spoken about has been identified, what we call “solved” cases, but they also appear in unsolved cases. I will discuss these signs in more detail in other posts.

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