This page lists my books, book chapters, journal papers, and unpublished conference presentations in psychical research / parapsychology and anthropology. Items are grouped topically under four headings: Reincarnation (Psychical Research / Parapsychology), Reincarnation (Anthropology), General Anthropology, and History of Parapsychology, and appear in reverse-chronological order. All except books are posted in PDF format for easy viewing and download.

My book reviews are listed on a separate page.

I Saw cover

Coming soon, a new book by Erlendur Haraldsson and me about children’s reincarnation experiences. The first two thirds of the book is by Erlendur. He describes cases of children who remember previous lives, mostly in Sri Lanka and Lebanon, and other survival phenomena, such as apparitions and mediumship, that he has investigated over the years. In the last third of the book, I bring in cross-cultural data, new cases and analysis, and thoughts on the meaning of it all. The book is with the publisher, White Crow Press, but we do not yet have a publication date. Stay tuned!

Reincarnation (Psychical Research / Parapsychology)

2015. Evidence of past-life memory in a mildly autistic boy. Paper read the the Third Annual Meeting of the Lithuanian Society for the Study of Religions, Vilnius, Lithuania, October 22-23. Read, Comment, Download

2011. Ian Stevenson’s Twenty cases suggestive of reincarnation: An historical review and assessment. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 25, 789–820.  Read, Comment, Download

1992. Interpreting the case of Imad Elawar. Journal of Religion and Psychical Research, 15, 91-98.  Read, Comment, Download

1991. Children’s memories of previous lives. In A. A. Drewes & S. A. Drucker (Eds.), Parapsychological Research with Children: An annotated bibliography (pp. 30-37). Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow.  Read, Comment, Download

1990. Past life memory case studies. In S. Krippner (Ed.), Advances in Parapsychological Research, Vol. 6 (pp. 184-267). Jefferson, NC: McFarland.  Read, Comment, Download

1989. Age and stimulus in past life memory cases: A study of published cases. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 83, 303-316.  Read, Comment, Download

1988. The decline of past life memory with subject’s age in spontaneous reincarnation cases. In M. L. Albertson, D. S. Ward, & K. P. Freeman (Eds.), Paranormal Research (pp. 388-401). Ft. Collins, CO: Rocky Mountain Research Institute.  Read, Comment, Download

1988. Some further perspectives on reincarnation research: A rejoinder to D. Scott Rogo. Journal of Religion and Psychical Research, 11, 63-70.   Read, Comment, Download

Reincarnation (Anthropology)

1990. Of names and signs: Reincarnation, inheritance and social structure on the Northwest Coast. Anthropology of Consciousness, 1(3-4), 9-18.  Read, Comment, Download

1993. A Cross-Cultural Study of Reincarnation Ideologies and their Social Correlates. Unpublished M.A. thesis, Hunter College, City University of New York.  Read, Comment, Download

1994 (with Antonia Mills). A trait index to North American Indian and Inuit reincarnation beliefs. In A. Mills & R. Slobodin (Eds.), Amerindian Rebirth: Reincarnation Belief among North American Indians and Inuit (pp. 299-356). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.  Read, Comment, Download

1994. Alternate generation equivalence and the recycling of souls: Amerindian rebirth in global perspective. In A. Mills & R. Slobodin (Eds.), Amerindian Rebirth: Reincarnation Belief among North American Indians and Inuit (pp. 263-283). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.  Read, Comment, Download

1995. Death symbolism in matrilineal societies: A replication study. Cross-Cultural Research, 29, 158-177.  Read, Comment, Download

1995. Universals and variation in religious belief and practice. In C. R. Ember & M. Ember (Eds.), Cross-cultural Research for the Social Sciences. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice- Hall.  Read, Comment, Download

1996. Reincarnation. In D. Levinson & M. Ember (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology (Vol. 3, pp. 1086-1088). New York: Henry Holt.  Read, Comment, Download

General Anthropology

1998. Dispersed, nucleated, dispersed: Changing Matses settlement patterns, 1969-1995. In D. Picchi (Ed.), Unsettled Communities: Changing Perspectives on South American Indigenous Settlements. South American Indian Studies, No. 5, pp. 33-45.  Read, Comment, Download

2002. Registers of Resistance and Accommodation: The Structuration of a Peruvian Amazonian society. Ph.D. dissertation, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.  Read, Comment, Download

History of Parapsychology

1987. Archives and psychical research. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 81, 233-255.  Read, Comment, Download

1987. Cat’s paw: Margery and the Rhines, 1926. Journal of Parapsychology, 51, 229-247.  Read, Comment, Download

1988. Leonore or Leonora: A note on Mrs. Piper’s first name. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 82, 281-290.  Read, Comment, Download

1991. Records of the Parapsychology Laboratory: An inventory of the collection in the Duke University Library. Journal of Parapsychology, 55, 301-314.  Read, Comment, Download


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