Papers, Book Reivews, and Conference Presentations

My journal papers and book chapters, together with selected book reviews and conference presentations, in psychical research / parapsychology and anthropology are listed below. They are grouped topically under four headings: Reincarnation (Psychical Research / Parapsychology), Reincarnation (Anthropology), General Anthropology, and History of Parapsychology, and appear in reverse-chronological order. All are posted in PDF format for easy viewing and download.

Reincarnation (Psychical Research / Parapsychology)

2015. Evidence of past-life memory in a mildly autistic boy. Paper read the the Third Annual Meeting of the Lithuanian Society for the Study of Religions, Vilnius, Lithuania, October 22-23. Read, Comment, Download

2013. Review of Science, the Self and Survival afer Death: Selected Writings of Ian Stevenson edited by E. W. Kelly. Journal of Parapsychology, 77, 297-300.  Read, Comment, Download

2011. Ian Stevenson’s Twenty cases suggestive of reincarnation: An historical review and assessment. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 25, 789–820.  Read, Comment, Download

1997. Review of Reincarnation: A Critical Examination by P. Edwards. Journal of Scientific Exploration, 11, 570-73.  Read, Comment, Download

1992. Interpreting the case of Imad Elawar. Journal of Religion and Psychical Research, 15, 91-98.  Read, Comment, Download

1991. Children’s memories of previous lives. In A. A. Drewes & S. A. Drucker (Eds.), Parapsychological Research with Children: An annotated bibliography (pp. 30-37). Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow.  Read, Comment, Download

1990. Past life memory case studies. In S. Krippner (Ed.), Advances in Parapsychological Research, Vol. 6 (pp. 184-267). Jefferson, NC: McFarland.  Read, Comment, Download

1989. Age and stimulus in past life memory cases: A study of published cases. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 83, 303-316.  Read, Comment, Download

1988. The decline of past life memory with subject’s age in spontaneous reincarnation cases. In M. L. Albertson, D. S. Ward, & K. P. Freeman (Eds.), Paranormal Research (pp. 388-401). Ft. Collins, CO: Rocky Mountain Research Institute.  Read, Comment, Download

1988. Some further perspectives on reincarnation research: A rejoinder to D. Scott Rogo. Journal of Religion and Psychical Research, 11, 63-70.   Read, Comment, Download

1986. Review of The Search for Yesterday by D. S. Rogo. Journal of the Society for Psychical Research, 53(802), 229-232.  Read, Comment, Download

Reincarnation (Anthropology)

1990. Of names and signs: Reincarnation, inheritance and social structure on the Northwest Coast. Anthropology of Consciousness, 1(3-4), 9-18.  Read, Comment, Download

1993. A Cross-Cultural Study of Reincarnation Ideologies and their Social Correlates. Unpublished M.A. thesis, Hunter College, City University of New York.  Read, Comment, Download

1994 (with Antonia Mills). A trait index to North American Indian and Inuit reincarnation beliefs. In A. Mills & R. Slobodin (Eds.), Amerindian Rebirth: Reincarnation Belief among North American Indians and Inuit (pp. 299-356). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.  Read, Comment, Download

1994. Alternate generation equivalence and the recycling of souls: Amerindian rebirth in global perspective. In A. Mills & R. Slobodin (Eds.), Amerindian Rebirth: Reincarnation Belief among North American Indians and Inuit (pp. 263-283). Toronto: University of Toronto Press.  Read, Comment, Download

1995. Death symbolism in matrilineal societies: A replication study. Cross-Cultural Research, 29, 158-177.  Read, Comment, Download

1995. Universals and variation in religious belief and practice. In C. R. Ember & M. Ember (Eds.), Cross-cultural Research for the Social Sciences. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice- Hall.  Read, Comment, Download

1996. Reincarnation. In D. Levinson & M. Ember (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Cultural Anthropology (Vol. 3, pp. 1086-1088). New York: Henry Holt.  Read, Comment, Download

General Anthropology

1998. Dispersed, nucleated, dispersed: Changing Matses settlement patterns, 1969-1995. In D. Picchi (Ed.), Unsettled Communities: Changing Perspectives on South American Indigenous Settlements. South American Indian Studies, No. 5, pp. 33-45.  Read, Comment, Download

2002. Registers of Resistance and Accommodation: The Structuration of a Peruvian Amazonian society. Ph.D. dissertation, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale.  Read, Comment, Download

History of Parapsychology

1987. Archives and psychical research. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 81, 233-255.  Read, Comment, Download

1987. Cat’s paw: Margery and the Rhines, 1926. Journal of Parapsychology, 51, 229-247.  Read, Comment, Download

1988. Leonore or Leonora: A note on Mrs. Piper's first name. Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research, 82, 281-290.  Read, Comment, Download

1991. Records of the Parapsychology Laboratory: An inventory of the collection in the Duke University Library. Journal of Parapsychology, 55, 301-314.  Read, Comment, Download


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