I am always interested in hearing about past life memories that have occurred in the waking state, dream, or meditation, of either children or adults, especially those that are active and ongoing.

In addition, I am collecting accounts for two special research projects:

Memories of Life in the Womb or Between Lives & Relations of a Mother to her Unborn Child

Of particular interest are experiences which are veridical, that is, in some way factually based. These include children’s memories of things that happened before their births, in the womb or earlier, with or without accompanying past-life memories, but also unusual experiences of pregnant women that relate to their unborn children. The latter include dreams and other experiences that connect mother (or father) and a child yet to be born or conceived.

Reincarnation Experiences of Adults

Reincarnation experiences of adults have been much less well studied than the experiences of children. I am interested in experiences that occurred in the waking state, dreams or meditation (that came spontaneously in some way), especially those that are fact-based or veridical or which it seems possible to relate to a specific deceased person.

If you or your child have a reincarnation experience you would like to relate, please register and use the contact form at the bottom of the page or write to me at with the details. If you wish, you may also share the experiences in a post on this page.

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