This page links to a variety of resources for the study of reincarnation beliefs and cases. More resources are planned and will be added as time permits.

The Principal Reincarnation Researchers

The Principal Reincarnation Researchers page introduces the main workers in the field and lists their publications on reincarnation.

Recommended Books

Recommended Books links to annotated reading lists on reincarnation cases and research.

Bibliography of Online Resources

The Bibliography of Online Resources for the Study of Reincarnation lists journal papers and other items that are available in full text for free viewing and/or download from the web.

Glossary of Terms Used in Reincarnation Studies

The Glossary of Specialized Terms Related to Reincarnation Research and Theory is an abbreviated version of the Glossary of Specialized and Technical Terms used in my Signs of Reincarnation course. It can be used in conjunction with the posts on this website and readings in the reincarnation studies literature.

Guidelines for Self-Investigating and Evaluating Past-Life Memories

Guidelines for Self-Investigating and Evaluating Past-Life Memories applies knowledge gained from the study of children’s past-life memories to the evaluation adults’ memories.

Supporting Documents

The Supporting Documents page lists supporting documents for publications.

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