Reincarnation (Hypnotic Regression)

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Reincarnation (Hypnotic Age Regression)

For the most part, age regressions to previous lives under hypnosis have resulted in great deal of dramatization with relatively little evidence that they are more than fantasies. There are exceptions, however, that suggest that hypnosis may at times do more than unleash the mind's creativity. The more noteworthy age regression accounts are listed below.

William Barnes, author of Thomas Andrews, Voyage into History: Titanic Secrets Revealed Through the Eyes of Her Builder, was convinced from childhood that he had died in a shipwreck and at age 6 recognized the Titanic in a movie, but it was only under hypnotic age regression as an adult that fuller details of that life emerged. Barnes' account is noteworthy for the interplay of spontaneous and hypnotically induced memories.

The Search for Bridey Murphy is comprised of transcripts from age regressions to an apparent previous life. It caused a sensation when it was first published in 1956 because some of its arcane details were verified. A tabloid newspaper sought to debunk the case and succeeded in having the public turn away from it, but in fact, the regression includes facts whose source has never been satisfactorily explained. The controversy is described in an appendix to the 1965 second edition, shown to the left.

Destiny: The True Story of One Man's Journey Through Life, Death, and Rebirth is a first-person account by Martin Heald. From childhood, Heald was troubled by nightmares of a mid-air aircraft explosion, but was unable to make sense of them until he was age-regressed as an adult and recalled details that allowed him to identify the man who had died in the accdident.

Looking for Carroll Beckwith: The True Story of a Detective's Search for His Past Life, by Indianapolis police captain Robert Snow, is an account of Snow's efforts to verify details of a past life he gave in an age-regression under hypnosis. It is one of very few regression cases that have turned out to be substantially correct, with the previous person found to have existed.

In Under the Inquisition: An Experience Relived, hypnotherapist Linda Tarazi tells the story of a woman who under a series of regressions gave a detailed description of life in Spain during the Inquisition. Tarazi was able to verify many names and other items consistent with such a life. She presents the story in narrative form, as a novel, but with notes describing the verifications.


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