Reincarnation (Psychical Research & Case Studies)

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Reincarnation (Psychical Research & Case Studies)

The late Hernani Andrade published mostly in Portuguese and little of his work is available in English. Reborn for Love: A Case Suggestive of Reincarnation, which he thought of as his best case, is an exception. It is the story of a priest who was killed and reincarnated as the child of a woman of whom he was fond.

Science & Spirit is a collection of three of  important case studies by the late Hernani Andrade–one involving poltergeist phenomena, the second a drop-in mediumistic communicator, the third a girl named Jacira who remembered the life of her elder brother, who had committed suicide.

Psychotherapist Carol Bowman became interested in children's past-life memories after her five-year old son had an inexplicable phobic reaction to a fireworks display. In Children's Past Lives: How Past Life Memories Affect Your Child she reports on other American cases she collected through media appeals and explores the effect they have on children and their families.

In her second book, Return From Heaven: Beloved Relatives Reincarnated Within Your Family, psychotherapist Carol Bowman describes new cases of American children with spontaneous past-life memories. She emphasizes cases occuring among relatives and describes their impact on family relationships. 

Across Time And Death: A Mother's Search For Her Past Life Children is the self-report of an English woman who had dreams of a past life from childhood but who was an adult before she was able to verify them. She tracked down and met some of the children, now grown, she recalled having left in the earlier life when she died prematurely of illness. 

Beyond the Ashes: Cases of Reincarnation from the Holocaust is Hasidic Rabbi Yonassan Gershom's collection of spontaneous memories of death during the Holocaust, reported to him by American Gentiles as well as Jews over a period of years. He also discusses reincarnation beliefs in Ultra-Orthodox Hasidism.

In From Ashes to Healing: Mystical Encounters with the Holocaust, Hasidic Rabbi Yonassan Gershom presents a second collection of spontaneous memories of death in the Holocaust. The book includes 15 accounts, written by the experiences themselves, that describe the impact the memories have had on their lives. 

The Children That Time Forgot is an important collection of cases of British children with spontaneous past-life memories, first published in 1983. The cases were collected through media appeals, with follow-up interviews and investigation where appropriate. Most are unsolved cases, but they show how widespread such experiences are.

Most good cases of spontaneous past-life memory involve children. Someone Else's Yesterday: The Confederate General and Connecticut Yankee: A Past Life Revealed is the unusal story of a man who as an adult had an experience at the Antietam battlefield that started him on a quest to understand who he had been before. 

Soul Survivor: The Reincarnation of a World War II Fighter Pilot tells the story of an American boy, James Leininger, who appeared to have memories of dying when his plane was shot down by the Japanese near Iwo Jima, and his father's laborious but eventually successuful efforts to verify them.

In the international best-seller Reincarnation: The Boy Lama, British journalist Vicki Mackenzie describes her investigation of a Spanish boy who gave evidence of being a Tibetan tuku reborn. The boy was officially recognized as the tulku and installed in his place. 

In Reborn in the West: The Reincarnation Masters, British journalist Vicki Mackenzie describes North American and European children who appear to recall lives as Tibetan tulkus and have been officially recognized as such. They are regarded as having chosen to be reborn in the West to spread Buddhist teachings.

Clinical psychologist Satwant Pasricha is India's foremost researcher of children's past-life memories. Claims of Reincarnation: An Empirical Study of Cases in India is based on her 1978 doctoral thesis. It includes reports of cases Pasricha investigated with Ian Stevenson.

Can the Mind Survive Death?: Reincarnation Research was published in 2008 in two volumes as Can the mind survive beyond death? In pursuit of scientific evidence. It is a collection of journal papers on Indian past-life memories and near-death experiences by Satwant Pasricha, some jointly written with Ian Stevenson and other colleagues.

New Clothes for Old Souls: Worldwide Evidence for Reincarnation, by Guy Leon Playfair, is a global survey of children's spontaneous past-life memories, including summaries of several Brazilian cases studied by Hernani Andrade. In the appendix, Erlendur Haraldsson describes three Lebanese Druze cases he investigated.

In The Flying Cow: Exploring the Psychic World of Brazil, journalist Guy Leon Playfair describes a variety of psychic phenomena in Brazil, including children's spontaneous past-life memories investigted by Hernani Andrade. Andrade's speculations on the nature of "psi matter," which he understood to underlie both biological evolution and reincarnation, is included in an appendix.

Washington Post editor Tom Shroder accompanied Ian Stevenson on research trips to Lebanon, India and the southeastern United States, documenting his experiences in Old Souls: Compelling Evidence from Children Who Remember Past Lives. This book not only describes some interesting cases, it provides a rare portrait of Stevenson at work.

Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation is a classic collection of past-life memory case reports from Ian Stevenson, including cases in India, Ceylon (Sri Lanka), Lebanon, Brazil and among the Tlingit Indians of southeastern Alaska. An expanded second edition of the book, including follow-ups on 18 of the 20 subjects, was published in 1974.

In Xenoglossy: A review and report of a case, Ian Stevenson introduces the concept of responsive xenoglossy, the ability to converse in languages one has not learned in one's present life. After reviewing xenoglossy in spontaneous cases and other contexts, he provides a detailed analysis of a woman who apparently spoke some Swedish during an hypnotic age-regression to a previous life.

In Unlearned Language: New Studies in Xenoglossy, Ian Stevenson provides detailed reports and analyses of two additional cases of responsive xenoglossy (the ability to converse in a language one has not learned in one's present life), one emerging under hypnotic age-regression to a previous life and other other spontaneous. 

Where Reincarnation and Biology Intersect is a single-volume synopsis of the two-volume Reincarnation and Biology by  Ian Stevenson. Stevenson describes children's spontaneous past-life memory cases from around the world that include birthmarks, congenital deformities and other physical signs associated with the people the children claim to have been, often resembling death wounds they suffered.

In Children Who Remember Previous Lives: A Question of Reincarnation, Ian Stevenson summarizes findings from 40 years of research with children who recalled having lived before. In the final chapter, he offers some ideas about how reincarnation might work.

European Cases of the Reincarnation Type, published in 2003, is the last collection of past-life memory case reports from Ian Stevenson. It includes an historical survey of European cases as well as reports of both child and adult cases that he investigated himself.

Life Before Life: Children's Memories of Previous Lives, by Jim B. Tucker, introduces the research of Ian Stevenson to a wider readership than the medical and scientific audience to which Stevenson principally aimed. This book has been translated into 10 languages and has become a standard introduction to Stevenson's work, which Tucker has continued since Stevenson's death in 2007.

In Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives, Jim B. Tucker presents a collection mostly of American cases of children's past-life memories that he has investigated using the methods of Ian Stevenson. He offers a theory of past-life memory and speculates on what postmortem existence might be like.


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