Signs of Reincarnation

Cristina closeSigns of Reincarnation is a 15-week graduate-level seminar course offered online through The Alvarado Zingrone Institute for Research and Education ( It is situated within consciousness studies but draws on psychical research and anthropology, among other fields.

We will look at reincarnation from all angles, but focus on research conducted with young children who remember previous lives. Children not only talk about their memories, they behave in ways reminiscent of the people they are talking about and may resemble them physically. They may have birthmarks that relate to death wounds those people received and they may have phobias related to those persons’ deaths. These are the chief signs of reincarnation we will be studying.

Systematic research with children who claim to remember previous lives began with Ian Stevenson 50 years ago and is continued today by Erlendur Haraldsson, Antonia Mills, and Jim B. Tucker, among others. Their research is surprisingly little known, but together it makes it hard to deny that reincarnation occurs—although you don’t have to take my word for it! You will not only be reading orginal lectures and published studies but discussing and debating them with each other. The course is self-paced with an estimated time commitment of 6-8 hours per week, including discussion periods.

Unit 1: Introduction to the Study of Reincarnation Signs

Unit 2: The Belief in Reincarnation

Unit 3: Research Styles and Interpretative Frames

Unit 4: Child Studies: Episodic Memories, Statements and Recognitions

Unit 5: Child Studies: Behavioral Signs of Reincarnation

Unit 6: Child Studies: Physical Signs of Reincarnation

Unit 7: Child Studies: The Interval Between Death and Rebirth

Unit 8: Child Studies: Cross-Cultural and Cross-Historical Patterns

Unit 9: Child Studies: The Psychology of Past-Life Memory

Unit 10: From Child to Adult: The Developmental Continuum

Unit 11: Past-Life Memory in Induced States of Consciousness

Unit 12: The Contributions of Shamans, Psychics and Mediums

Unit 13: Mind/Brain Relations, Survival of Death and Reincarnation

Unit 14: Postmortem Survival and Reincarnation: Philosophical Concerns

Unit 15: The Process of Reincarnation


The course will next be offered beginning in January, 2016. Students at Saybrook University may arrange to take it for credit.


Syllabus  View a more complete course description with a unit-by-unit (week-by-week) outline of requirements.


Evaluations  Read comments on the course by previous students.


Questions?  Write to me at


Register. Registration for the Spring, 2016, session will begin in December, 2015. The registration fee is $200. 


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